About David

David Gaertner is a dedicated and experienced community leader with a strong commitment to serving the residents of Matthews. David is married with 4 children and is employed as a Controls Engineer for a local manufacturer. He has been an active member of the Matthews community for 23 years contributing his time and efforts to make it a better place to live and thrive.  

Born and raised in Cary, NC, David made the decision to move to Matthews in 2000, driven by his desire to pursue professional growth opportunities. His educational journey reflects his lifelong dedication to learning and personal development. David holds an AAS in Robotics, a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology, and a Lean Six Sigma Masters Certificate.  

David’s involvement in community service spans various spheres, demonstrating his commitment to making a positive impact. He has served as a YMCA Football Coach, a Boy Scout Leader, and a FIRST Robotics Mentor & Coach, empowering young people and instilling valuable skills and values in them. Additionally, David’s leadership abilities have been evident in his role as an HOA Board Member and his current position as the HOA President. Through his leadership, he has fostered a sense of community. 

One of David’s notable accomplishments is his leadership of Matthews Homeowners United, a grassroots organization dedicated to addressing concerns about overdevelopment in Matthews. His involvement with this organization has showcased his ability to rally the community around important issues and advocate for their interests. Inspired by this experience, David has decided to take his commitment to the next level by pursuing a position on the Matthews Board of Commissioners. 

With a leader’s conviction and a servant’s heart, David is driven by a genuine desire to serve the people of Matthews. He values truth, transparency, and accountability, and strives to make informed decisions that prioritize the well-being of the community. Through his community involvement, educational background, and leadership experience, David is well-prepared to represent the interests and concerns of the residents of Matthews, ensuring a prosperous and sustainable future for all. 

Let’s create a brighter future together! 

Vote David Gaertner for Matthews Board of Commissioner on November 7, 2023